Aylmer is a happenin’ food place…

well, sort of. In that quaint, suburban, sleeper town kinda’ way….

Shawna Wagman, the Food Editor of Ottawa Magazine, was looking for a farmer’s market in Aylmer and landed upon Aylmer Backyard Farms. That led her to our veggie stall and  to a few of our other local food jaunts all  pretty much down the same road. Here is her story from City Bites:

EAT THIS: Strawberries, sausages, pizza, and homegrown vegetables — a guide to good eats in Aylmer, Quebec

another recent little nod to our efforts was in the local Aylmer Bulletin:

Fresh, local, organic: right here in Aylmer!

By jmurray | Published: June 12, 2012

Aylmer Backyard Farms did a brisk business, June 2, from its location at the Boulangerie aux Desu Frères on Rue Principale. The produce sold there is organic “hyper-local” quality vegetables, herbs, flowers and other plants. Sylvain Ouellet purchased some Asian greens from owner Anne Jansen. Mr Ouellet commented, “I love shopping at the small local businesses; there are a lot of them on Rue Principale.” Aylmer Backyard Farms is open on Saturday mornings next to the bakery throughout the summer.

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